While it's usually good to have control of the ball, holding it comes at a cost!

Players that are holding the ball cannot attack, and their running speed,
falling speed, jumping speed and dash distance are all reduced.

The degree to which your movement is affected is different for each character.


Remember that players earn a point for each goal, but lose a point for falling in.

Even if you're forced to give up a goal, deny the other player the chance to return
to land, or spike them into the water with attacks.


Momentum plays an important role in BaraBariBall.

Attacks can transfer force without completely resetting the momentum of the target.

Notice how the force on the ball is gradually worn down. Notice how force can be added in the same direction the ball is travelling


Players that are helpless will be stunned for much longer if hit.

Make sure to hit helpless players with your strongest attack!

Taking a hit while helpless and over water is almost always fatal.


Matches are timed. If the players are tied when the clock runs out,
sudden death mode will begin.

The first player to score or KO another player will win.